Life Coaching

Free Consultation 

In this free 20 minute phone session, we will talk a bit about why you wanted to find a life coach and what area of your life you would like to uncover.  This very important 20 minutes is just the beginning of your transformation!


Phone & Email Support 

If there is something that you have discovered or if you have questions, please feel free to send me an email or give me a call!  

Coaching is Not Counseling

Limitations of Coaching

As your coach, my job is to create a sacred space for you.  One where you will be safe to express yourself without judgement and be authentically you. I am only here to guide you and help you to see your full potential.  I am not able to make decisions for you, nor would I want to because this is your life after all and you have what you need to be your best self.  I will provide you with the tools you'll need to create a successful life.  However, coaching is not in any way counseling. Counseling is used to help a person who is trying to resolve a wound or get help with a psychological issue.  If at any time it is determined that a client could benefit from professional counseling, coaching services will stop until the client has seen the appropriate medical professional.  My intention is for my clients to get the appropriate help that they need.  I want to see you not only succeed, but thrive!

Coaching Services For Women

Being coached is a process and transforming your life doesn't happen over night.  Your mindset has to be shifted in order to embrace necessary changes.  That is why I recommend my 5 week Mindset Reset Program.  In this program, I will lead you through the process of hitting the reset button on your mind so that you can successfully tackle life's challenges with grace and come out stronger than ever.  These sessions can be done by phone or at an agreed upon location. 

Cost for this program is $297

Laser sessions are an excellent way to work through a recent issue, or to get help figuring out which direction you should go in next.  The cost per session is $75 and we will meet for 1 hour either by phone or on an agreed upon location.


Beliefs and Expectations

We are each here having our own experieces and living our lives the best way that we know how.  Often times, the people closest to us in our lives, although with loving intention, give us their opinions on what we should be doing with our lives, thereby confusing us more and making us question if we are making the right decisions.  During our coaching relationship, I would never reflect my opinions or beliefs on to you.  The goal is strictly guidance and for you to create your life based on what you want and what is going to make you happy!

What is Transformational Coaching?

Transformational Coaching is a tool used for someone who doesn't want to remain stuck in the past. It is used to help the woman who decribes herself as a go-getter to create a plan of action to help keep her focused.  It is geared for the woman who wants to move forward in achieving her goals and who takes responsibility for her life and her actions.  The first step to investing in yourself is to make the decision that you deserve more than what you are currently getting. By nature, women care for others before we care for ourselves and although this can be a beautiful thing, it can turn really bad really fast if we don't have the awareness of self-care!  The time is now to start believing that you can actually have the things in life that you really want!  Making the decision to take control of your life is so powerful. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Additional Services

In addition to coaching, I also provide guided meditation, teach workshops on women's issues, conduct vision board workshops, participate in speaking engagements and conduct online life coaching webinars!  Please contact me for rates.

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