2018: What's New on the Horizon?

December 31, 2017

Well lovely ladies as I sit here writing this, I have so many things about 2017 that I am grateful for swirling around in my head! But, one of the things that I am most grateful for is that I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing women this year, each one with a heart and radiance of gold.  Some who were firm in their womanhood and some who were just starting their journey into self-discovery.  This made me realize that each one of us has our own journey, but the one thing that we each seem to have in common is that we just want to be better! Whether it’s in our relationships, our skills, health or business, we all desire to rise to a certain level of excellence.  With that being said, I’ve compiled a list for you of life tips to pack and take with you into your new journey into 2018 that will hopefully help you. My hope for each of you is that you are met with new opportunities, new experiences and a new-found awareness of just how truly dope you are going into the new year!

  •  Don’t focus so much on the negative!  Everyone has flaws but if your “flaws” are really bothersome, then create a plan of action to make necessary changes to improve them!  YOU are in control of your life and have the power to do what’s right for you, but worrying about the perceived negative only makes things worse. 

  • Practice self-care often!  This one is so important especially for us women because we spend so much time taking care of everyone else that we often feel guilty when it’s time to do something good for ourselves.  Ladies, if your cup is empty, you aren’t going to be any good to anyone.  So take a break! Read a book with a cup of tea.  Take a long bath with some expensive beauty products.  Go to the gym or take a long walk out in nature.  Whatever you choose to do, you have to make it a point and a priority to check in with yourself often because after all, you are still a PERSON and deserve to be taken care of!

  • Show people how to treat you.  There are people that come into our lives that have nothing but the best of intentions for us and then there are those opportunists that come out of nowhere looking for any and everything that you can give to them.  Because you are a caring person, you may feel obligated to go out of your way and do certain things for these people. But just know that BECAUSE you are a caring and giving person, you have to make sure that you protect yourself because you are the perfect target for people like this.  If we don’t care about ourselves, our time and our resources, then why should anybody else?  So, make sure that you love and respect yourself enough to show people how to love and respect you.

  • Keep stretching, growing and improving!  We can never know enough about ourselves and the world around us.  So set goals and crush them.  Keep learning something new, traveling, reading, developing new skills!  Take a class, join a Meetup group or anything else that sounds interesting.  AND if your time permits it, create a second income for yourself!  Your savings account can never be big enough.  The point is to not stop just because you’ve met a certain goal.  Keep going!  You are FULL of unlimited potential and creativity so use it up girl! There is nothing to stop you.

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE!  That’s right, love more!  Love on yourself more.  Love on your kids more.  Love on your friends and family more.  Life is short and our #1 purpose while we are here on this planet is to love one another.  When you are full of love, others can see it and sense it when they around you, in turn, possibly inspiring them to love more as well.










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