The Other F Word.

September 3, 2018

Forgive….That’s right. Forgive! Forgive everything. Forgive everybody. Forgive those that hurt you. Forgive the people that said horrible things about you. Forgive YOURSELF for making the mistakes that you’ve made! Now, I am saying this because I recently worked with a client who was having a very very hard time forgiving some people that hurt her in childhood.  (She knows that I am using this as an example today. 😊 ) When I first spoke to her, she was pissed at the people who hurt her in the past as if the events just happened yesterday.  At the same time, she was wondering why she wasn’t able to be happy and to have abundance flowing into her life RIGHT NOW.  When I asked her if she had forgiven these people, I actually think that she dropped the phone.  It had NEVER occurred to her that forgiveness is the key to healing all wounds, moving forward and receiving abundance. Without TRUE forgiveness, you will ALWAYS be left dealing with those old wounds.  Now don’t get me wrong. Forgiveness is HARD, especially if the things that you’ve experienced are so reprehensible that the people that hurt you should actually be stoned to death. BUT, it is absolutely necessary if you want happiness in your life. People have a lot of misconceptions about forgiveness.  For instance, forgiving someone indicates that you’re excusing the person’s bad behavior or, forgiveness indicates that you have to keep the people that hurt you in your life! Let me tell you, neither of those are true, like, at all! Let me tell you the truth about forgiveness.

  • Forgiving those that hurt you gives YOU your power back! When you acknowledge what happened and forgive the person and the situation, you are now in control. You get to determine whether or not you stay in contact with these people or whether or not you ever want to see them again.  The point is, you get to be the author of the outcome!

  • Forgiveness is an energy.  When you practice forgiveness, you are making space for abundance to show up because your energy has shifted and you’ve opened up space in your life for positivity to flow! When you chose NOT to forgive someone, you create an instant block that stops all joy, blessings and happiness. Think of a beautiful waterfall suddenly being stopped by a giant boulder.  All of those feelings, emotions, heartache and pain gets stuck and over time, continues to build up and starts to show up in your life as negative behaviors, bad habits and resentment.

  • FORGIVENESS IS FOR YOU!!! NO ONE ELSE!!! You reap all of the benefits! The other person still has to live with what they’ve done to you. They have to deal with their own karma.

  • Forgiving doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to have low points or even times where you’re not triggered. There will be days when those feelings of resentment come back up and it doesn’t mean that you haven’t forgiven, it just means that you’re human and because what happened to you in the past is a part of your experience while you’ve been here on Earth, it’s bound to come back up at some point. They key is how you choose to deal with it! And if you’ve truly been healed from the situation, you won’t veer too much off into the sadness and anger that you may be feeling and you’ll be able to bring yourself back into the present moment.

I know for me, I have had to forgive men. From all of the stupid little boys that may have teased me in the school yard to the men that broke my heart when all I tried to do was love them.  I had to forgive all of that! If I wanted love to flow into my life and if I wanted that source of love to be in the form of a man, then I had to take the resentment and anger out of my system for men, forgive any and all situations and make room for love to flow into my life.  I also had to forgive MYSELF for not loving ME as I should have.  I had to forgive the fact that I let other people’s stupid opinions of me from when I was a little girl, to an adolescent woman and eventually to a young woman in her 20’s, determine how I showed up in the world TODAY! I forgave myself for playing small when in actuality, I knew I was a badass with sound perspective, excellent advice and amazing capabilities!  So now, I ask you, what people, events or situations do you need to forgive?  How is your lack of forgiveness showing up in your life today?  I wanna hear about it so please respond either on here if you feel comfortable to do so, or shoot me an email at 




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