Utilize the Tools of the Universe.

November 4, 2018

The Universe has given us so many tools for us to use while we are here on Earth having our human experiences.  We have spirituality and Divine connection.  We have prayer and meditation. We have the elements of the Earth such as crystals and herbs. We have angels and our intuition.  We even have tarot and energy cards to help us connect and receive messages and answers to our questions.  So with all of these amazing resources, which by the way I hope you're utilizing, why on EARTH do we get ourselves into the foolish situations that we get into? Why do we do the opposite of what we know we should be doing?  Why do we question and doubt ourselves even when our intuition is sometimes literally screaming at us the right things to do?  We do it because we’re souls having a human experience.  We are supposed to mess up and do the wrong things because that is how we learn the RIGHT things.  We are supposed to learn the hard way sometimes because those lessons create the biggest impacts.  Think about it. Have you ever had a horrible relationship with someone and thought to yourself, “I’ll never date someone like them AGAIN?” Of course you have and there is a good chance that you stuck to what you said and started making better dating choices, but then there is also a possibility that you had to bump your head a couple of times before the lesson actually sunk in and that’s ok! That’s what we’re supposed to do. The hard experiences that we go through are what give us character, direction and even a testimony to share with others!


When I was younger, I did not have an abundant mindset but instead had a mindset of lack, self-doubt, low vibration as well as anxiety and fear of being myself.  I used to do things that were extremely beneath me.  I dated men that were ABSOLUTELY not in alignment with what deep down inside I knew I wanted for my life.  I entertained people and situations that had my intuition screaming for me to go and sit down somewhere but I didn’t listen to her. And I didn’t listen to her because I just didn’t know what I didn’t know.  I had to learn everything! I had to learn about my self-worth, I had to learn about how to pull away from things that weren’t in alignment with the destiny of my life. Hell, I even had to learn what an intuition even was! So when you think about your life and the things that you’ve done from this perspective, you should actually feel compassion for that girl who was just simply doing the best that she could with the knowledge that she had.  I now embrace the scattered young woman that I used to be because without her and her story, I wouldn’t be a teacher today and I wouldn’t have the honor and the privilege of being able to teach and to share with you all in this capacity.  So, thank God for where you’ve come from because each and every experience is another layer of wisdom that you get to add under your imperfect belt. Always show gratitude for what you have been able to learn and don't just keep your knowledge to yourself! There is another woman somewhere that you will eventually cross paths with if you haven't done so already, that desperately needs to hear your story. 😊



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